NSAE Staff Directory

Photo of Ms. Samantha Allen
Ms. Samantha Allen
Speech and Language Pathologist Email: Sallen@nssed.orgEXT. 3308
Photo of Ms. Erin Claydon
Ms. Erin Claydon
Program Supervisor Email: Eclaydon@nssed.orgEXT 3150

Phone Number: (847) 291-7905 ext

Email: Eclaydon@nssed.org

Photo of Mr. Richard Cutler
Mr. Richard Cutler
Dean of Students Email: Rcutler@nssed.orgEXT. 3366
Leah Dean
Transportation Assistant Email: ldean@nssed.org(847)748-0101
Photo of Dr. Erin Deliberto
Dr. Erin Deliberto
Intervention Specialist Email: Edeliberto@nssed.orgEXT. 3266
Photo of Ms. Melissa Frier
Ms. Melissa Frier
Teacher Email: Mfrier@nssed.orgEXT. 3105
Photo of Ms. Salome Goldenstein
Ms. Salome Goldenstein
Office Support Specialist Email: Sgoldenstein@nssed.orgEXT. 3104
Ms. Kathleen Kelly
Instructional Coach Email: Kkelly@nssed.orgEXT. 3134
Photo of Ms. Lynne Korman
Ms. Lynne Korman
Intervention Specialist Email: LKorman@nssed.orgEXT. 3123
Photo of Ms. Catherine Rector
Ms. Catherine Rector
Teacher Email: CRector@nssed.orgEXT. 3109
Photo of Mr. Quinton Reeves
Mr. Quinton Reeves
Physical Education Teacher Email: QReeves@nssed.orgEXT. 3109
Photo of Leslie Reynolds
Leslie Reynolds
Transportation Coordinator Email: lreynolds@nssed.org(847)748-0101
Photo of Yolanda Schwartz
Yolanda Schwartz
Bilingual Specialist Email: yschwartz@nssed.org(847)831-0603 X 1003
Photo of Mr. Kyle Thompson
Mr. Kyle Thompson
Intervention Specialist Email: KThompson@nssed.orgEXT. 3152
Photo of Mr. Michael Wagrowski
Mr. Michael Wagrowski
Assistant Program Supervisor Email: MWagrowski@nssed.orgEXT. 3268
Photo of Ms. Anne Wilson
Ms. Anne Wilson
Occupational Therapist Email: AWilson@nssed.orgEXT. 2321
Photo of Ms. Lauren Zisman
Ms. Lauren Zisman
Teacher Email: LZisman@nssed.orgEXT. 3115
North Shore Academy Elementary 255 Revere Drive, Northbrook, IL 60062
North Shore Academy Middle and High School 760 Red Oak Lane, Highland Park, IL 60035

Providing a continuum of highly structured, individualized therapeutic programs designed to meet the educational and emotional needs of our students.