NSA High School Staff Directory

Crystal Atkinson
Food Service Specialist Email: catkinson@nssed.org(847)831-0603 X 1011
Photo of Dr. Cathy Baechle
Dr. Cathy Baechle
School Psychologist Email: cbaechle@nssed.org(847)831-0603 X 1131
Photo of Adam Berkson
Adam Berkson
Assistant Principal for High School Email: aberkson@nssed.org(847)831-0603 X 1105
Matt Buckun
School Nurse mbuckun@nssed.org847-831-0603 X1106
Photo of Nicole Burke
Nicole Burke
Instructional Coach Email: nburke@nssed.org(847)831-0603 X1209
Michael Carroll
P.E. Teacher Email: mcarroll@nssed.org(847)831-0603 X 1012
Photo of Orlando Clemmons
Orlando Clemmons
Teacher Assistant Email: oclemmons@nssed.org
Leah Dean
Transportation Assistant Email: ldean@nssed.org(847)748-0101
Photo of Scott Dever
Scott Dever
Dean of Students Email: sdever@nssed.org(847)831-0603 X 1110
Photo of Steve Donart
Steve Donart
Transition Counselor Email: sdonart@nssed.org(847)831-0603 X 1005
Photo of Ashley Easterwood
Ashley Easterwood
Therapist Email: aeasterwood@nssed.org(847)831-0603 X 1117
Ken Fine
Teacher kfine@nssed.org(847)831-0603 X 1130
Judy Fiol
Receptionist Email: jfiol@nssed.org(847)831-0603 X 1007
Photo of Sari Glazebrook
Sari Glazebrook
Community Wellness Coach Email: sglazebrook@nssed.org(847)831-0603 X 1115
Photo of Nancy Gray
Nancy Gray
Administrative Assistant Email: ngray@nssed.org(847)831-0603 X 1002
Yazari Gutierrez
Teacher Assistant Email: ygutierrez@nssed.org
Michael Hodges
Transportation Assistant Email: mhodges@nssed.org(847)748-0101
Dan Iacch
Teacher Email: diacch@nssed.org(847)831-0603 X 1120
Photo of Teri Johnson
Teri Johnson
Office Support Staff Email: tjohnson@nssed.org(847)831-0603 X 1019
Mary Jones
Therapist Email: mjones@nssed.org(847)831-0603 X 1121
Robert Jones
Teacher Assistant Email: rjones@nssed.org
Jeremy Kohlenbrener
Teacher Assistant
Photo of Al Korn
Al Korn
Teacher Email: akorn@nssed.org(847)831-0603 X 1128
Farah Laude
Community Driver Email: flaude@nssed.org(847)748-0101
Photo of Lara Levine-Buti
Lara Levine-Buti
Principal, Director of SEL Email: llevine@nssed.org(847)831-0603 X 1100
Toni Longobardi
Teacher Assistant Email: tlongobardi@nssed.org
Photo of Daniel McBride
Daniel McBride
Teacher Email: dmcbride@nssed.org(847)831-0603 X 1132
Photo of Don Miner
Don Miner
Teacher Assistant Email: dminer@nssed.org
Photo of Sean Obney
Sean Obney
Teacher Assistant/Art Teacher Email: sobney@nssed.org(847)831-0603 X 1229
Photo of Leslie Reynolds
Leslie Reynolds
Transportation Coordinator Email: lreynolds@nssed.org(847)748-0101
Photo of Joanna Robbins
Joanna Robbins
Assistant Principal for High School Email: jrobbins@nssed.org(847)831-0603 X 1204
Demond Ross
High School Dean’s Team Email: dross@nssed.org(847)831-0603 X 1112
Mia Santi
Email: msanti@nssed.org
Bill Schlegel
Community Driver bschlegel@nssed.org(847)748-0101
Photo of Sue Schwalb
Sue Schwalb
Teacher Assistant Email: sschwalb@nssed.org
Photo of Yolanda Schwartz
Yolanda Schwartz
Bilingual Specialist Email: yschwartz@nssed.org(847)831-0603 X 1003
Photo of Rachel Sheehan
Rachel Sheehan
Teacher Email:rsheehan@nssed.org(847)831-0603 X 1120
Photo of Chuck Sheftel
Chuck Sheftel
Service Learning Specialist Email: csheftel@nssed.org(847)831-0603 X 1010
Rose Simpson
Teacher Assistant Email: rsimpson@nssed.org
Photo of Sue Smith
Sue Smith
Therapist Email: ssmith@nssed.org(847)831-0603 X 1129
Marty Sullivan
P.E. Assistant Email: msullivan@nssed.org
Amanda Tuck
Teacher Assistant Email: atuck@nssed.org
Stephanie Turner
Speech and Language Pathologist Email: sturner@nssed.org(847)831-0603 X 1107
Brittany Zajac
Therapist Email: bzajac@nssed.org(847)831-0603 X 1127
North Shore Academy Elementary 255 Revere Drive, Northbrook, IL 60062
North Shore Academy Middle and High School 760 Red Oak Lane, Highland Park, IL 60035

Providing a continuum of highly structured, individualized therapeutic programs designed to meet the educational and emotional needs of our students.